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Do you need to file for divorce in Racine, Waukesha, Walworth, Kenosha or Milwaukee County?

In an uncontested divorce, both parties generally agree on all aspects of their divorce, including property division, maintenance/alimony, custody, and placement. An uncontested divorce is normally less time-consuming and less costly than a traditional divorce because the spouses have agreed upon all issues, and, therefore, there is less to resolve in court.

Although you may have agreed upon all issues with your spouse, you should still enlist an experienced Wisconsin family law attorney to draft your Marital Settlement Agreement, guide you through the process, and answer any questions you might have. That’s where our uncontested divorce attorney team can help.

What Is the Process of an Uncontested Divorce in Wisconsin?

To start a divorce in Wisconsin, the petitioner must have lived in Wisconsin for at least six months and must have lived in the county where they are filing for at least 30 days. Both parties can file a Joint Petition for Divorce, and one spouse can sign an Affidavit of Service at our office.

Some counties automatically hold a temporary order hearing, while some counties will not require you to hold a temporary order hearing. Within 90 days of service, and before the temporary order hearing, you and your spouse will each be required to file Financial Disclosure Statements. If you’re in a county that requires a temporary order hearing, with the assistance of your attorney, you can negotiate the terms of your temporary order to enter into a stipulated order.

Then, prior to the date of your default divorce hearing, your attorney will help you draft your Marital Settlement Agreement to document your agreements into a stipulation.

Our Attorneys Can Help You Move Forward

At Renier Hotopp Law Offices, LLC (RH Law) in Wisconsin, we represent individuals in uncontested divorces to draft their petitions, review their agreements, and answer questions. We serve as a general guide throughout the process.

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