Offering Divorce Mediation in Racine, Waukesha, Walworth, Kenosha and Milwaukee Counties

Couples who resolve their divorce through mediation have more control over the resolution and the process. Mediation is meant to develop a resolution that fits the family’s needs and that both parties are happier with than a decision entered by a Court.

Role of Mediators in Wisconsin Divorce Cases

  • They serve as impartial facilitators to help manage the divorce process.
  • They can provide neutral information about Wisconsin divorce laws, helping couples make informed decisions.
  • They offer necessary legal forms and tools, such as asset division calculators and official legal documents.
  • They can prepare and file all court documents, with both parties’ agreement.

However, there are clear boundaries to what mediators cannot do in Wisconsin divorces:

  • They are not allowed to offer legal advice to either party, except for general guidance on the law.
  • They cannot support or represent one party over the other.
  • They are not responsible for the fairness of the agreement or whether a court would uphold the agreement in a contested divorce.
  • They cannot act as a legal representative for either party in the divorce.
  • They are not permitted to attend court with the parties or communicate with the judge at any stage.

The mediator acts as a neutral third party to facilitate and mediate the discussions. The mediator does not personally represent either party and cannot give either party legal advice; however, the mediator can educate the parties on the law. While the mediator cannot appear in court, the mediator can draft and file all documents with the courts, with informed consent by both parties. Further, the mediator can provide tools to aid in the parties’ discussions, such as calculator tools for dividing assets or calculating maintenance/alimony, to help them make informed decisions. The mediator facilitates discussions and lays out all of the options so that the parties can keep their own voice in the decision-making process. The Wisconsin-based legal professionals at Renier Hotopp Law Offices, LLC can help.

Mediation FAQs

What are the benefits of mediation?

  • The couple has more control over the outcome
  • Less emotionally exhausting
  • The couple has more of a collaborative approach as to what they would like their divorce to look like
  • The couple walks away feeling like they both won
  • Quicker process
  • Less expensive

What is the divorce mediation process?

Prior to the first session, we gather information pertaining to drafting the Petition for Divorce. The mediator schedules your first session and directs you as to what to bring with you. The mediator has several sessions with each couple to discuss their goals and concerns, any agreements they have in place, gather financial information, and create a parenting plan. The final session is to create a Marital Settlement Agreement, including the couple’s agreements. The mediator creates a final Marital Settlement agreement, gathers the couple’s signatures and forwards the necessary documents to the Court and schedules the couple’s final default divorce date.

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