Lindsay writing in notebook while sitting at desk

Lindsay Renier serves as Outside General Counsel & Corporate Law Attorney to various companies in Wisconsin and Illinois to provide each company its primary source of legal advice. 

Due to the dynamic nature, Outside General Counsel are often even more experienced than their employed counterparts because they serve multiple organizations and experience various issues across many industries. Outside General Counsel are also typically less expensive than an employed full-time attorney because she is retained based on the specific needs of a company and doesn’t attract statutory or fringe benefits. 

Traditional firms have ‘quotas’ that their corporate law attorney is required to bill their clients each month, leading some attorneys to focus on fees rather than focusing on creating value for their clients. Like in-house counsel, Outside General Counsel becomes an extension of your Company and helps you work toward growth and success. More importantly, Lindsay only accepts a limited number of clients, which is the essence of her Boutique Law Firm, to guarantee she is available for the clients who retain her legal services. 

Her clients include private equity funds, multi-million-dollar family corporations, and multi-state hospital systems. The Renier Hotopp Law team is efficient, creative and practical.  If you are looking for an effective corporate law attorney, please contact Lindsay today to set up a consultation!