Anne McIntyre – Senior Associate Attorney

Championing Families Through Legal Expertise and Compassion

Anne McIntyre stands as a pillar of strength and compassion within RENIER HOTOPP LAW, bringing to the table 15 years of rich experience in family law and mediation. Her legal journey is distinguished by her profound understanding and expertise in areas critically affecting families—elder care, disability rights, and acting as a Guardian ad Litem in child protective cases. Anne’s academic accolades include graduating Magna Cum Laude from Northern Illinois University College of Law, following her undergraduate studies at St. Norbert College. From the onset of her career, Anne has been deeply passionate about family law, a field she believes to be at the heart of societal well-being.

Approach to Legal Service

Anne’s approach to legal practice is rooted in empathy and a keen understanding of her clients’ needs and circumstances. When dealing with sensitive issues like divorce, child custody, and child support, Anne prioritizes listening to her clients, helping them identify and focus on their future goals. She advocates for a low-conflict approach whenever possible, understanding the profound impact amicable solutions can have on individuals navigating the tumultuous waters of familial disputes.

However, Anne is also prepared to stand firm and switch into litigation mode when the situation demands. She believes in being a strong, unwavering advocate for her clients, ensuring their voices are heard and their rights protected through every step of the legal process

Mediation Services

In addition to her work in family law, Anne offers mediation services aimed at providing couples with a less adversarial route through their divorce proceedings. This service underscores her belief in the power of dialogue and negotiation to resolve conflicts in a manner that fosters mutual respect and understanding, often leading to more sustainable and satisfying outcomes for all parties involved.


Anne McIntyre’s dedication to her practice, combined with her specialized skills in mediation and family law, make her an invaluable asset to RENIER HOTOPP LAW and the clients we serve. Her commitment to delivering compassionate, knowledgeable, and effective legal services aligns with our firm’s mission to treat every client with the utmost care and respect, akin to a member of our own family.